4 Cannabis-Friendly B&Bs to Elevate Your Vacation

Feeling like it’s time for a vacation? I know when I’m traveling, one of my biggest concerns is finding a place to stay that allows me to take my medical cannabis. After all, most hotels, rentals and B&Bs prohibit smoking or vaping cannabis on the property. And what good is a vacation if you’re sick the whole time without your medicine?

In the old days, this would mean giving up your marijuana for the trip, or trying to hide your cannabis use and hoping you don’t get caught. Both options could ruin any vacation.

Thankfully, as recreational cannabis has begun to make its way around the United States, a new cannabis trend is making it easier for cannabis consumers to vacation in peace: the cannabis-friendly bed-and-breakfast. These pro-canna B&Bs explicitly allow cannabis use on their property, so you can relax and medicate whenever you need.

Say goodbye to hiding your cannabis and hello to a new way to vacation.

Here are our top four picks for cannabis B&Bs across the US.

1. Riverbar Pharms Bud & Breakfast in California


Traveling in California? Check out the first licensed Bud and Breakfast in the state, Riverbar Pharms. This B&B is housed in a cozy Victorian farmhouse and has four rooms available with views of orchards and farmland. Prices start at $189 per night, and cannabis use is welcome in the living room or on the porch.

Located in the heart of Humboldt County, CA, River Pharms is the perfect place to stay if you want to take a deep dive into California’s cannabis culture. Not only is this location right in the middle of cannabis country, but the owner is a master marijuana cultivator and available to chat if you have questions.

While no cannabis is provided with your stay, you can order from a local delivery service or bring your own. Want to immerse yourself even more in the Humboldt cannabis scene? Marijuana tours are available.


When it comes to breakfast, you won’t be disappointed. The gourmet meals are prepared by a professional chef using all locally sourced organic ingredients. And for those with food allergies or sensitivities, they’re happy to make accommodations. There’s even a 420 Cocktail Hour with mocktails and snacks to ease the munchies.

2. Steep Acres Farm in Massachusetts

If you’re vacationing on the East Coast, check out Steep Acres in Williamstown, MA.

This charming country home is set on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding trees, hills and mountains. It’s the perfect place to enjoy nature’s beauty with hiking trails, woods, meadows and gardens all available on the property’s 50 acres.

Even inside the house, there’s a sense of nature as a wooden support beam, fashioned from a tree trunk, has been painted to look like a living tree, growing up through the floor of the living room.

Steep Acres is also one of the few places on the East Coast where guests are free to enjoy cannabis on site. While smoking cannabis in the bedrooms isn’t allowed, guests are free to enjoy cannabis in the house’s common areas or outside as they take in the surrounding natural wonders.

Steep Acres has three available rooms, with prices that start at $300 per night. One accommodation even features a master bedroom with a king bed, personal porch and Jacuzzi. Breakfast is included and features fresh fruit and daily specials.

3. Mountain Views Treehouses in Washington


Looking for a more whimsical location for your cannabis getaway? Try out Mountain Views B&B in the foothills of Monroe, WA. While there’s a traditional B&B with two available rooms, the real gems in this gorgeous retreat spot are the three treehouses, where guests can sleep and smoke among the trees.

Nestled in a private, woodsy setting, the treehouses are rustic with outhouses and outdoor showers, but who can resist the allure of medicating in a treehouse? Guests have described their stay as “magical” and “divine.”

For those who want more creature comforts, the main house offers traditional rooms with a shared bathroom. You can even rent out the whole house if you’d like. Pricing starts at $150 for a treehouse stay, but you can rent a room in the main house for $135 or camp for even less.

During their stay, guests at Mountain Views B&B can enjoy hiking trails to take in the surrounding beauty. Plus, all guests also have access to the communal hot tub and fire pit.

And if living among the trees weren’t fantastical enough, the property also features a talking grey parrot who sometimes asks, “Where is my marijuana?” There’s also a mini-pig, a donkey and two dogs who live on the property, too.

Best of all, cannabis use is permitted anywhere on the property—inside, outside and up in the trees.

4. Bud & Breakfast at the Adagio in Colorado

If your vacation is taking you to Colorado, then you have to check out the Bud and Breakfast at the Adagio. Located in a Victorian home in a historic Denver neighborhood, this cannabis-specific B&B is the first of its kind in the area. Unlike the previously mentioned B&Bs, located in the midst of nature, this is the ideal place for a city-based cannabis vacation.

The gorgeous space has six uniquely decorated rooms with private bathrooms, designated smoking areas, a fireplace and a garden; prices start at $299 per night. Guests can also enjoy hotel-like amenities including concierge services, a gift shop, assistance with local tours, and even in-room massages and spa services. There’s also a fully stocked cannabis paraphernalia bar.

And did we mention the food? All guests are free to enjoy the complementary Wake & Bake Breakfast, 420 Happy Hour, Late Night Sweet Treat, and munchie-satisfying snacks and drinks throughout the day.

For a cannabis-friendly city vacation, the Bud and Breakfast at the Adagio is hard to beat.

Photo credits: Pixabay (main image), Riverbar Pharms (#1 image) and Mountain Views B&B (#3 image)

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s easy, private and 100% online.


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