For so many people, cannabis is synonymous with relaxation, but the more you know, the better the chill.


Women, Weed, and Sex

Today, people talk openly about sex, sexual orientation is widely discussed, and at least with younger generations, sexual experimentation is commonplace. Given this new shift …


Best Pre-Roll for Sleep in California: CALM by Canndescent

Looking to find inner peace and get your Zen on? Soulful contemplation just got a little easier with the CALM 139 pre-roll by Canndescent. Made …


The Connection Between Yoga & Cannabis

A Historic Connection Cannabis has been sacred within Buddhist cultures in India for thousands of years where it has been used as a spiritual and …


Cannabis for Increased Passion & Play! Part 1

Increase Your Passion ‘Tis the season for romance, and if you’re looking for a way to make your night even more sexy, there are many …


Cannabis Effectively Treats Insomnia: IF You Know How to Use It

Mary: A Real Life Insomnia Scenario Mary, age 76, walked into her local dispensary and said she can’t sleep, but her next-door neighbor Grace, age …

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