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We are proud to offer a clear, trustworthy way for Canadians to get their medical cannabis document.


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Our Process

How to get a medical document in Canada


Choose a Licensed Producer from the drop down list above. Then Register online, providing basic information about yourself. Registration can be done 24 hours a day.


Talk with a licensed Practitioner online - all you need is a video-enabled device. It's easy, private, and 100% online. Appointments available Monday through Friday.

Your Licensed Producer

We send your document directly to your selected Licensed Producer. You’ll need to register for an account with them and they will contact you when your account has been approved for purchases.

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I have recommended it to all of my veteran friends.
Halifax, NS
The practitioner I spoke with was very professional and polite!
Edmonton, AB
Thank you for your service and helping people with advise and treatment.
Winnipeg, MB
I will have no problem suggesting to comrades to contact HelloMD for medical cannabis.
Thunder Bay, ONT

FAQ's for Canada medical marijuana document

You need a medical document in order to purchase cannabis from a Licensed Producer. Your medical document needs to be approved by a licensed Practitioner when you have an in-person or Telehealth consultation.

There are many reasons to obtain a medical document to buy medical cannabis in Canada. Overall, medical patients vs. recreational buyers:

  • Pay less taxes
  • Have a wider selection of flowers and oils
  • Access a more consistent supply chain

No, you do not. Our service is to obtain a new medical document or to renew an expired one.

If you already have an active prescription you can switch Licensed Producers. You’ll need to contact your current LP and have your medical document transferred to the new one.

A typical consult takes between 20-30 minutes. Please be prepared to have your consult in a private, well-lit space, away from distraction. Your Practitioner will also want to discuss any medications you may be on and your prior medical history.

Yes. Our Practitioners will guide you in determining if cannabis is the right for you. From the privacy of your own home or office, ask all of your cannabis questions and be sure you’re getting sound medical advice.

We will send your medical document directly to the Licensed Producer discussed you’ve selected. You’ll need to register for an account with your selected LP and they should contact you when your account has been approved for purchases.

Cannabis can be used to treat a number of conditions; however, it’s not guaranteed you will be approved. Cannabis use is not always recommended to patients under the age of 25, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those who are seeking cannabis as a first attempt to treat symptoms.

Some insurance carriers will cover the cost of cannabis. We suggest checking with your carrier to see if your plan covers it, and making sure your symptoms are on the list of pre-approved conditions.

We have been helping patients understand and make the most of medical cannabis since 2015 throughout Canada and the United States. We have been rated #1 on Trust Pilot, and our Customer Service team is always here to support you through every step of the process.

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