3 Cannabis-Friendly Summer Getaways

For many people, access to cannabis is an important consideration when planning a vacation; for both everyday and occasional users, kicking back and relaxing just …

Cannabis Law

Are there any CBD products that are legal for international travel?

"London, Nairobi, Ethiopia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China. " In general, it is not recommended that you travel internationally with a potentially illegal substance. …

Question and Answer

What can I give my 20 month old puppy to calm them for a plane ride

"The pup will be in the plane with me and loves to say hi to everyone and I need to have her calm She weighs …


4 Cannabis-Friendly B&Bs to Elevate Your Vacation

Feeling like it’s time for a vacation? I know when I’m traveling, one of my biggest concerns is finding a place to stay that allows …


Cannabis-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve a venue, invitations sent and finalized the menu. The only thing left to decide is if the honeymoon is a cannabis-friendly destination?


I want to travel can I take some cannabis with me?

Hi there! It will depend on what kind of cannabis you are taking, and where/how you are traveling. CBD is legal, so you can take …


is it legal to have a medical marijuana edible in a california airport?

Please check out this previously answered question that deals with the legalities of transporting or flying with cannabis. ashleigh


Need assistance finding info?

"My brother was involved in a car accident years ago leaving him with a TBI. I have read that Cannabis can be life changing for …


Is it safe to drink on a long flight having taken CBD?

Yes, you can safely do your CBD’s but it’s the alcohol that maybe the problem. Using CBD’s and then drinking alcohol is okay but alcohol …


Kid it safe to drink on a long flight taking cbd


Is it safe to have alcohol with cvs on a long flight


Keeping Cannabis in Your Car: Find Out What’s Legal

Even if you’re just driving your medicine home from the dispensary, or keeping it with you while driving around town, you need to know what’s …

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