Growing your own weed is a little more complicated than just planting seeds and adding water. Learn more about the ins and outs of cultivating flower at home.


How to Grow Marijuana at Home

Learning how to grow marijuana at home is as rewarding as it is exciting—it means you can have fresh weed any time of the year, …

Cannabis Law

Can you legally grow medical marijuana in Ohio?

I live in Ohio and I have my medical marijuana card. Can I legally grow marijuana for personal use? Zach K. No, unfortunately it’s not …


Can you legally grow medical marijuana in Louisiana?

“I’m a medical weed user in New Iberia but am finding the cost kind of high. Can I legally grow my own as a way …


Can you legally grow medical marijuana in Illinois?

“I’ve been using medical cannabis for a while in Springfield, Illinois. Even with the tax break over rec use, I’m still paying a lot. Is …


Can you legally grow medical marijuana in New York City?

“I’m a medical marijuana patient and am finding the cost of ongoing use prohibitive. To save money, can I legally grow weed at my home?” …


How to grow your own weed, with a simple guide?

"Indica is more adaptable to long-term residential cultivation. … So, do you grow your own weed? "


How to Dry & Cure Your Homegrown Cannabis

With more and more states offering home-growing options for recreational and medical cannabis consumers, many are growing cannabis for the first time. And whether you’re …


I want to start juicing. Without growing my own, who should I ask or how can I find raw plant for purchase?

" I would like to try juicing for optimal anti-inflammatory benefits. I have struck out and speak to dispensary about purchasing wrong product. Does anyone …


Legalization Encourages Sustainable Marijuana Farming

With legalization taking root in states throughout the U.S., many innovative sustainable farming options have emerged for cannabis growers. One of the most important outgrowths …


Headache from full plant extract?

"Alcohol extract from stored, two-year old vaccuum packed sativa strain cannabis gives me a headache. Amount taken is about half the size of a BB, …


A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana at Home

You may have heard someone say that cannabis is just a weed. Technically, this is true—cannabis grows wild all over the country. But cultivating a …


I am interested in growing my own marijuana to consume in smoothies.

"Most of the reading I have done about growing emphasizes flowers and buds. I am wondering if pinching off the buds will yield more leaves …

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