Bulletproof Coffee With Cannabutter

Most people think about baked goods when they're considering what to do with cannabutter, but adding it to your morning coffee might just be one of the best ways to use it.

Bulletproof coffee is made from a combination of grass-fed butter, coffee and brain octane oil, a specially extracted coconut oil that you can find at a number of online stores. The creator of bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey, first had the idea for the buttery concoction when he was in Tibet at 18,000 feet above sea level. He was given a drink made from tea and yak butter that made him feel rejuvenated and energized.

The drink combines these three ingredients to create a frothy coffee beverage reminiscent of a latte. It has become especially popular in recent years with folks who follow paleo and whole food-focused diets. The theory is that the butter provides healthy milk fats without denatured casein, which is present in milk and cream, while the brain octane oil provides benefits to brain function and supports ketosis. The coffee itself is helpful in boosting metabolism and powering your brain through the day. Many health food personalities and celebrities swear by bulletproof coffee as a morning boost, without any afternoon crash, because of the way the fat allows your body to process the caffeine.

Combining Cannabis & Healthy Fats

Cannabis isn’t a novel addition to coffee or butter. Special cannabis clubs enjoyed coffee spiked with marijuana in Paris in the 1800s. The concoction that they drank, which was made of spices, sugar, butter, cannabis and coffee, came from Middle Eastern traditions that patrons had witnessed and then adopted.

Making bulletproof coffee with cannabis can help you better process cannabinoids due to the presence of healthy fats from both the butter and coconut oil. Here’s how to boost your morning with cannabis-infused bulletproof coffee.

How to

1–2 cups of coffee of your choice
1–2 tbsp brain octane oil or coconut oil
1–2 tbsp grass-fed cannabutter*
Any other additions you’d like—many people enjoy adding flavourings like cinnamon or vanilla extract, a sweetener like stevia or other boosters like collagen peptides

Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until the coffee appears frothy. Serve and enjoy.

*If possible, we recommend you make your cannabis butter from scratch. You can use high-quality grass-fed butter to get the full beneficial effects from bulletproof coffee. Make sure you pay attention to the strength of your final product. You may find that a tablespoon or two of butter is too high a cannabis dose. It may be a good idea to make a less potent batch of cannabutter to enjoy with your bulletproof coffee.


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