Cannabis 101

When you don’t know where to start — start at the beginning. Learn the basics and find answers to your questions as you begin your cannabis journey.


What are Indica and Sativa?

Long ago, cannabis plants grew wild, in regions as far-flung as the Mongolian steppes and the monsoon-soaked hills of Thailand. The plant adapted to its …


5 Easy Ways to Be a Green Cannabis Consumer

Many Americans are now taking a closer look at their lives and wondering how they can be more environmentally conscious. The label “green” came into …


How Cannabinoids and Terpenes Work Better Together

In its natural state, the marijuana plant contains over 480 known natural chemicals. Some of those are cannabinoids, the active compounds responsible for marijuana’s medicinal …


Picking the Right Cannabis Vape: What You Should Know

In the market for a new cannabis vape pen or desktop vaporizer? Good thinking. Vaping cannabis is generally better for your health than smoking it …


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Terpenes Answered

If you’re up on your cannabis science, you probably already know about cannabinoids: powerful marijuana compounds that can address so much—from anxiety to pain to …

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