Health conditions

Cannabis can be helpful in the treatment of numerous health conditions and their symptoms, ranging in severity. Read on for more about how cannabis may be beneficial for your specific health issue.

Question and Answer

What are the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Illinois in 2022?

“I am a senior and have been coping with Rheumatoid arthritis more and more. I’m wondering if I can get medical cannabis to help with …


What Are the Qualifying Medical Conditions for a Medical Marijauna Card in New York?

What’s Medical Marijuana? The medical marijuana program in New York State was first introduced in July 2014 with highly restrictive and limited regulations. Since then, …


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

Getting Your Medical Marijuana ID Card in New York For adults interested in using medical marijuana for health conditions, the team at HelloMD is here …


The Cannabis Vaping Crisis: Need to Know Facts

If you vape cannabis, you’ve probably heard of the US vaping crisis that has left thousands of people with acute respiratory distress syndrome and killed …


Can Cannabis Relieve Colitis Symptoms?

Colitis can affect people of any age, even very young children. And depending on the cause, it can have serious consequences for overall health. Colitis …

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