What is AVB and How Do You Use It?

ABV, or Already Vaped Weed, can be repurposed into a variety of consumables. Read on to learn more about how ABV gives your weed a second life.

Once you’ve vaped weed, you have leftover crispy, brownish flower, unlike smoking, which only gives you ash. The ash can’t be repurposed, of course, but that brittle, spent flower can be given a second life.

Marijuana flower leftovers are called “already vaped bud” (AVB) and while some of the cannabinoids and terpenes have been depleted in the process of vaping, there’s usually enough left for a second round of consumption. This is especially true if your vaporizer wasn’t set to a blazing high heat (the greater temp, the more of the good stuff is burned off).

Then how you consume AVB is only limited by your imagination.

How Can You Use AVB?

Depending on how motivated you feel, AVB can be used in various ways. Each method requires a different level of preparation, so it’s really just about your time and patience.

  • Smoking: This method is embraced by people who have raised simplicity and saving energy to an art form. After you vape the weed, you can smoke the AVB in a joint. The smoke will be a little harsher and the cannabis a little weaker, but it should provide enough kick to make this worthwhile.
  • Edibles: These are an obvious choice for using AVB since a good brownie, cookie or other edible will mask the taste of the used bud. Some recipes call for cannabis to be decarboxylated before being used; however, you can skip this with AVB since the vaping process has already done this to the weed.
  • Sprinkles: If you’re not a cook, you can sprinkle AVB on or mix it with any dishes you make (or get as takeout!). You can also add it to coffee or tea to make your own infused beverage.
  • Tinctures: While not having the power of regular tinctures, ones made with AVB may be good enough used as drops under the tongue or added to food and drinks.
  • Capsules: If you don’t want to cook, bake or taste AVB, you can buy empty gel caps and consume them orally. Use a grinder to turn the cannabis into a powder before encapsulating.

What Else Do I Need to Know About AVB?

Already Vaped Bud is automatically produced when you vape it, so there’s nothing more to know about its creation. That said, many people like to make it more palatable by giving it a water cure before they use it. While the process isn’t particularly difficult, it does take time — about four days to a week. You can put AVB in a cheesecloth and soak it in water or use a French press coffee maker to soak it. You would squeeze out the leaf and change the water often during the drying process.

After a number of days of soaking and wringing, you’d dry the AVB in an oven set to a low temperature on a cookie sheet. Then it’s ready to be used without fear of a strong, off-putting taste.

However you decide to consume your AVB, you can be proud that you are getting the most mileage from your cannabis supply. Experiment with usage to see what you like best, and don’t be afraid to try a method you haven’t used before. You might find you like AVB edibles better than ones you make with full-strength bud. Take about a great discovery.

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