What’s the Best Way to Store Weed?

Read on for more about how to properly store your cannabis to keep it in good condition.

Good storage keeps your supply safe and potent to maintain your enjoyment. Weed that is too dry or too wet can sustain damage that takes away from your smoking experience. Plus, if you use weed for medical purposes, any kind of damage to the product from improper storage can lessen the benefits it provides. 

Choose the Right Container

When looking at marijuana storage, one of the first things you should consider is the container. It should be airtight, leakproof, and odor-proof. It could be something as simple as a glass jar, or you may want to look for something specially made for cannabis storage. Despite the stereotype of weed in baggies presented by movies and TV shows, you shouldn’t use plastic bags or plastic containers—plastic can affect the smell and taste of your weed.

Minimizing the amount of oxygen in the container is also important because oxygen can break down the cannabinoids in cannabis and alter its potency. It’s an easy fix, though: Just make sure your chosen storage jar seals tight. Fill the jar close to the top so there is minimum oxygen inside, but don’t pack the material too tight because the compressing the plant matter can lead to mold. You can also buy containers with vacuum seals to minimize the amount of oxygen, but truly, a good ol’ Mason jar will also work fine.

Choose the Right Location for Storage

Once you have your weed properly packed away, find a place to store it away from direct sunlight. UV rays can be damaging, plus you also need the right humidity to keep the cannabis from drying out. Find a cool, dark place but without so much moisture that it encourages the growth of mold.

Know if your weed is too wet or too dry so you can do something about it.

People often wonder how to tell if their cannabis is too wet or too dry. If your weed feels like living plant material and sticks to the fingers if you press it lightly, it’s likely too wet. It might also be hard to keep lit when you’re smoking it. If it feels brittle and crumbles easily, it may be too dry, and it may burn too quickly when smoked.

When you’ve achieved the right humidity, the cannabis will feel like a dry herb, with some flexibility when pressed gently. It should stay lit during smoking and burn slowly.

If your cannabis is too wet, you can leave the jar open a crack until it dries out a little bit. If it’s too dry, you can add a humidity pack to add moisture. (Warning: Don’t just add water to your weed. Doing this just puts it at risk of mold.)

Did you know? The humidity range you’re aiming for is between 59% to 63%. If you want to get technical about it, you can purchase a moisture meter to keep track of the moisture content in your cannabis.

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