fourth anniversary of Canada legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis

6 Changes Since Cannabis Was Legalized in Canada 

In honor of the 4th anniversary of Canada legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis, we’re taking a look at what has changed and what still needs to evolve.


Any problems going through customs while using this patch while flying out of Canada to Mexico?

We can’t provide you with legal advice, but it seems extremely unlikely that you would have issues with that. This patch is CBD heavy, and …


The International Community Leads the Way on Cannabis Research

Despite the wave of marijuana legalization slowly spreading across the United States, federal prohibition still prevents substantive medical research. Until cannabis is federally legal, two …


Are you aware of any medical doctors in Toronto, Canada using cannabis for cancer treatment?

Personally, I do not know of any doctors in Canada but I do have a copy of 2/2013,Canada’s "Information for Health Care Professionals" and it …


Canada to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Canada Goes Recreational Justin Trudeau has introduced a bill to Canada’s parliament that would legalize recreational marijuana as early as July of 2018. Canada’s Cannabis …


Hi I heard that this patch helps diabetic nerve pain I was wondering where I can get it in Canada?

Hi there-Currently under Canada’s medical marijuana program, only cannabis flower and oils are available for purchase from licensed producers. Hopefully, a wider array of products …


Marijuana Legalization is Going Global

Progressive Policies Taking Hold In the past few years we have seen progressively more legislation in the United States that is swinging in support of …


visiting from Canada. What do I need to do to obtain med/rec card. I have a prescription from my canadian dr

You will need to meet with a CA-licensed doctor for a consultation. If approved for the use of medical marijuana, you will then be in …


anyway to get more ELB's in Canada? the only retailer chargers more on shipping than they cost

I believe you can find them at and Also, if you could mention to your local retailers that they should start stocking our …


Is there rules and regulation for growing cannabis in Canada?

"We in California have just won Prop #64; now is there a prop, or rule of regulation for growing cannabis in Canada? " Canada adopted …


Hi, Do you know how I can order transdermal cannibis patches in Toronto, Canada?

Hello, Denise from We carry CBD patches. I don’t know the laws around shipping CBD to Canada but I can look into it if …


Do you supply to Ontario, Canada and how?

Hello, We can get you connected via video chat with a licensed medical professional who can determine if you qualify for the use of medical …

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