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Corporate Greed, Corruption & Racism: Marijuana Became Illegal

The marijuana legalization movement has blazed a forward path by slowly opening minds and challenging archaic laws and regulations. Much work is still needed to …


Cannabis Cooking

For people who want to consume marijuana but don’t want to inhale it, cooking with the herb is a fantastic alternative. There are hundreds of …


Pairing Cannabis with Food: A New Culinary Trend

Living near Napa Valley, everyone seems to know a lot about wine. Often, I have been invited to wine pairing dinners with friends who have …


How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Body?

Despite the potential therapeutic benefits, using marijuana is currently prohibited under federal law. Additionally, testing in the workplace is common, with many people feeling their …


Marijuana Becomes Mainstream

Cole Porter may not have thought himself a sociologist, but this famous songwriter captured the epitome of a process called normalization in his famous song, …


My First Time Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

You might imagine that the Chief Medical Office of HelloMD would be an authority on dispensaries. I’m not. It makes me sound like Dr. McCoy, …


Why Your Parents Need to Learn About Cannabis

The Dream of Retirement The golden years: that bastion of life that promises retirement from the grind, financial independence, and unfettered access to all the …


5 Reasons to Get Legal and Stop Buying Marijuana from a Dealer

Are you so cozy with your drug dealer you send him or her Christmas cards? Maybe you’ve had this ongoing relationship for quite some time, …


The History of Medical Marijuana Usage

Most medical marijuana users know that the treatment dates back thousands of years, but do you know just how far? Most sources date the historical …

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