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Does Cannabis Show Up on a Standard Drug Test?

Many factors determine how long cannabis can linger in the body and whether it can show up on a drug test, including the frequency and amount of cannabis you use and the kind of test you take.


I am a job seeker that will likely be drug tested in the near future. Does CBD show in employment drug testing? I use CBD (oral) for muscular pain control. Interested in your thoughts.

"That it b" Hi there! When THC is consumed, the liver converts THC –> THC-COOH, which is then excreted in the urine; the drug panel …


Flushing out weed: How to pass a drug test?

" There are quite a few reasons why you might have to undergo a drug test one day. You might be applying for a new …

Drug Testing

Will the use of the Releaf Canibus Cream be picked up in routine drug testing at work?

"@" Hi there! THC and CBD contained in topical cannabis creams do not enter the circulation, and thus will not trigger a positive test result. …


Will this vaporizer cause a mandatory drug test for employment to reveal a positive result for marijuana or do they only test for THC?

Hi there! That pen should not trigger a positive test result. The panel tests for a metabolite of THC (THC-COOH) only. However, I can’t guarantee, …


Do Breathalyzers for Marijuana Work?

Breathalyzer testing is a common—and legal—way to find out whether someone’s driving under the influence of alcohol. But can the same concept work for cannabis, …


Cannabis Clashing with Work

"I use cannabis sparingly in the evenings to aid my ailments and provide relief. I also use it for my spiritual practices, as it brings …

Drug Testing

Will using this product make you test positive on a drug test?



Does cannabis from a topical show up on a drug test?

"Does it matter if it is CBD and/or THC?" Check out this article, which states: "Although rubbing a cannabis-infused topical on your skin will not …

Drug Testing

If I juice raw cannabis, will I test positive on a drug test?

"I have Lupus and am tired of the feeling from the prescribed medications." When juicing raw cannabis your body still metabolizes the THC and it …


Detox: How to Flush Marijuana From Your Body

Even if you try to be very intentional about not getting into situations where your cannabis use may jeopardize a job opportunity—or stop you from …


Will cbd give a positive test on a drug test?

I believe that a drug test for Cannabis checks for the metabolites that are created when the body processes THC, and not CBD specifically. However, …

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