Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Is Medical Marijuana Covered by Insurance?

Until medical marijuana is legalized at a federal level, health insurance in the US will struggle to cover this expense.


The 3 Best Medical Marijuana Products for Sleep

It’s no secret – we all need to sleep. But there are different forms of sleep and different reasons for people to be unable to …


Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Anxiety?

I’m looking for some strains to try for anxiety, and the best methods of ingestion, any recommendations?

Chronic Pain

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain?

I’ve been dealing with fibromyalgia for many years and am trying to lower my usage of opioids. I want to try cannabis for my pain, what are some good strains to try?

Medical Marijuana

Best medical marijuana strains for sleep?

”I’ve been having issues falling and staying asleep recently, any recommendations for a strain to keep me asleep?” Benjamin L. Finding the best strain of …


Best medical marijuana strains for energy?

*”I need to find a cannabis strain that will keep me productive throughout the day, I find most strains put me to sleep. Are there …


What are the laws for medical marijuana in Ohio?

"I’m considering applying for a medical marijuana card here in Ohio, but I am on the fence about it. I suffer from Crohn’s disease, and …


What are the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio?

“I’m interested in cannabis, and I live in Ohio. What are some of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in the state?” Samantha G. There are …


Is weight loss possible with medical marijuana?

“I’d like to lose a little weight and I’m curious to see what role weed can play. I’ve heard that it can help but I …

Medical Marijuana

Can I smoke marijuana in Ohio?

“I want to purchase medical marijuana flower. Can I smoke marijuana in Ohio?” Cassie D. If you meet the qualifying conditions for the state and …


The 5 Best Medical Marijuana Edibles in New York

New York is quickly becoming one of the hottest cannabis markets in the U.S. The state is poised to begin recreational marijuana sales by the …


How to Find the Right Marijuana Product

Shopping at a dispensary can be a fun and enlightening experience. But, finding the right product takes a combination of self-awareness, research, and asking the …

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