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How Do SSRIs & Other Drug Types Interact With Cannabis?

Cannabis has an abundance of healing properties. So many, in fact, that some people are able to reduce their use of many prescription medications while …


Study Shows Medical Marijuana Improves Brain Function

We’ve all heard the saying that consuming marijuana will kill brain cells and make you stupid. But what does the science actually say? What happens …


Are there REM sleep differences between CBD and THC?

“I am aware that marijuana suppresses REM sleep, which is something that I have missed incredibly, so after learning of this I stopped smoking entirely …


The International Community Leads the Way on Cannabis Research

Despite the wave of marijuana legalization slowly spreading across the United States, federal prohibition still prevents substantive medical research. Until cannabis is federally legal, two …


Does Cannabis Cause or Prevent Memory Loss?

Anti-drug campaigns warn that marijuana causes memory loss, especially in young consumers. But some studies suggest that cannabis can protect the brain against the memory …


Is It Really True That Marijuana Makes You Dumb?

From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the stereotype of the stupid stoner has featured prominently in the …


Is Mixing Cannabis & Coffee a Good Idea?

How do you start your morning? For so many Americans, the answer is the same: with a hot cup of coffee. We’re a caffeine-loving nation, …


What Happens When You Mix Cannabis With Prescription Drugs?

Cannabis has a long list of healing properties. That’s why many people report reducing their use of some prescription medications while consuming marijuana. But if …


Aromatherapy: Is Smelling Cannabis Enough to Reap Its Benefits?

Smoking, vaping or eating a favorite edible are the most common ways to get the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis. But can you use …


Do Breathalyzers for Marijuana Work?

Breathalyzer testing is a common—and legal—way to find out whether someone’s driving under the influence of alcohol. But can the same concept work for cannabis, …


Can Cannabis Help With Weight Loss?

If you’ve seen the movies “Pineapple Express,” “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” or “Dazed and Confused,” you know popular culture doesn’t exactly portray cannabis consumers …


How Cannabis Works to Protect & Repair the Brain

For decades, anti-drug campaigns have portrayed cannabis as a risky substance that not only opens the door to abusing harder drugs, but also causes a …

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