How to Make Weed Sex Lube

Let’s make a weed sex lube! Sounds exciting – but, does it really work? We know that cannabis can enhance sexual experiences and anecdotal reports suggest that topical weed lubricants (applied to a woman’s genitalia) may help create a spectacular date night. With this in mind, we’re throwing out a DIY recipe for a weed lube to set the stage for an unforgettable evening!

What is Oil-Based Cannabis Lube?

You may think that creating a DIY cannabis topical may be a project that is too big to handle – but really, it’s easy-peasy. Also, oil-based cannabis lubes will not get you high when applied topically.

It’s important to know that oil-based lubes are not compatible with latex condoms, so be sure to carefully consider your protection methods before getting to the good stuff.

Heighten your sexual pleasure with cannabis.

Why Make My Own Weed Lube?

Hey, don’t be shy – it’s worth a try for an unforgettable experience. Many women claim claim that a cannabis-infused lubricant heightens sexual experiences. In addition, the topical application of weed increases blood flow and heightens genital sensations for women.

Many cannabis companies that produce marijuana-infused lubes use CO2-extracted cannabis oil mixed with an oil base such as coconut oil. While that works for larger-scaled companies that can afford the extraction equipment, the average consumer cannot replicate that process at home. So, for the enthusiast, we provide a simple, alternative method for creating a scintillating weed lube at home.

Choose an oil for your weed lube

Choosing an Oil Base for Your Weed Lube

When you want to have incredible sex, the last thing you want to happen is something going wrong with the type of lube you’re using. Natural oils are gentle and safe to use for both men and women. However, some commercial lubes can cause dryness or do not allow you to achieve maximum pleasure.

Natural oils are gentle, nourishing, and safe to use for both men and women. They’re also excellent DIY alternatives for making your DIY cannabis lube.

Here are some great natural oils to consider for your base:

  • Coconut oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Are you looking for a super quick DIY cannabis lube? Consider using your favorite lubricant. Warm it up and add your favorite cannabis-infused oil and shake it up – then get right into the action!

Make your own weed lube!

DIY Weed Sex Lube Recipe

Ready to DIY your sex lube? Here are some simple ingredients and a step-by-step which yields approximately 5mg of THC per 1mL of oil.


8oz fractionalized (liquid) natural oil
¼ oz of your favorite flower (consider a euphoric, low-THC strain to get into and stay in the perfect mood)


  • Two 4oz mason jars
  • Food scale
  • Grinder
  • Slow cooker
  • Unbleached cheesecloth
  • Larger funnel
  • Smaller funnel
  • Tincture bottle with a 1mL calibrated pipette.
  • Boiling water (enough to cover both mason jars in the slow cooker)


  • 1.) Grind up your weed using a grinder or even a food processor.
  • 2.) Activate (decarboxylate) your THC with this easy bake method: spread the ground weed evenly on a cookie sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 225-240 degrees Fahrenheit (110-120 Celsius) for one hour in the middle of the rack. Stir the herb after the first half-hour.
  • 3.) Once the cannabis is fully decarboxylated, divide the evening into each 4oz mason jar.
  • 4.) Add the oil to each mason jar over top of the ground flower in even proportions.
  • 5.) Close the jars — Be sure the mason jar’s lid is as tight as possible.
  • 6.) Place the mason jars in the slow cooker and fill them with water so that the jars are fully submerged.
  • 7.) Set slow cooker to "warm" for four to five hours.
  • 8.) Every 60 minutes, using heavy oven mitts, pull out the jars and give them a good shake. Be sure not to burn yourself as the glass and metal will both be very hot!
  • 9.) After four to five hours, remove jars from the water and place them on a cloth until they are cool (do not place them on a cold/hard surface as this could cause the glass to crack.
  • 10.) Line the larger funnel with four layers of cheesecloth and place over a large glass measuring cup with a pour spout.
  • 11.) Slowly pour the cooled liquid through the cheesecloth. Use the cloth to squeeze out the plant matter that remains. The strained-out oil will be slightly green.
  • 12.) Using the smaller funnel. Our the oil into the tincture bottle.

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