How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

It’s easy to roll your own joints, especially with the right grinder and a roller. This article will take you step by step through the process of rolling a joint at home. Out of all the different ways to consume marijuana, smoking a joint is a classic way to consume cannabis. You don’t need much to roll a joint, aside from your weed. The accessories are affordable and easy to carry around so that you can roll a joint anywhere.

How to roll a joint

Why Smoke a Joint

Many patients prefer to smoke joints because they feel relief so quickly. Some appreciate the simplicity and cost-effectiveness, while others say that smoking a joint affects them differently than vaping, smoking a pipe or bong. Patients suffering from nausea and chronic pain swear that smoking joints are the only way to ease their symptoms.

How to roll a joint

Smoking Marijuana Vs. Cigarettes

Many people are averse to smoking their medical marijuana at all. Joints are sometimes called marijuana cigarettes, but they aren’t as harmful to your health as tobacco cigarettes. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a 20-year study on cannabis smokers that shows smoking cannabis is not as harmful to the lungs as cigarettes and did not lead to lung or colon cancers. The Harm Reduction Journal states that cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic.

For the most part, the benefits of inhaling cannabinoids outweigh the adverse effects of the smoke. But smoking can irritate the lungs, induce allergies, or cause coughing and phlegm. If you have sensitive lungs or can’t smoke for any reason, then you may want to try a flower vaporizer instead.

How to roll a joint

Below we take you through the steps for rolling the perfect joint.


To properly roll a joint, there are a few accessories you need to have; most can be bought at the dispensary along with your cannabis. This tutorial uses a roller accessory that basically rolls the joint for you. Here’s what you need to roll joints:

  • Grinder
  • Rolling Papers
  • Roller
  • Lighter
  • Tip or Filter
  • Cannabis flower of your choice

how to roll a joint

Grinders come in many sizes and materials. The ones that work best are metal with a multi-tier design that separates the ground weed out of the grinder teeth. Rolling papers also come in a variety of sizes and materials. Try to use natural, unbleached, and undyed papers when possible.

Cannabis grinder

We use a roller in this tutorial because it makes the process easy and inexpensive. More practice and skill are required to roll a tight joint without one. Tips are also optional, but they make joints easier to hold, and they filter any loose grind that pulls through as you inhale.


  • 1.) Load the Grinder. Remove the grinder lid and load about 2/3 gram of flower into the grinder. Pull out seeds and stems as you break up the buds between the teeth of the grinder. Replace lid.
  • 2.) Rotate & Grind. Press down on the lid and rotate back and forth. Unscrew the top half of the grinder to reveal your freshly ground flower.
  • 3.) Load Roller. First, place the tip at one end of the roller. Then add your cannabis a little at a time and even it out along the roller. You want to fill it up to the top, making sure it’s full but not over-stuffed. Once full, lift the roller pole up and over to seal all the contents inside.
  • 4.) Roll. Use thumbs to roll the pole forward a few times.
  • 5.) Add Paper. Add a single sheet of rolling paper, making sure the sticky side is facing you at the top. Roll forward to roll the paper around the joint. Lick the sticky end, then continue to roll forward and seal the joint.
  • 6.) Light and Enjoy. Open the roller to find your perfectly rolled joint. Now it’s time to smoke it.

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