Mental health

From depression and anxiety to burnout, cannabis can be a helpful tool for managing symptoms.

Question and Answer

What are some good cannabis products for daytime anxiety relief?

“I use an Indica vape pen for my anxiety, but it’s been making me tired throughout the day. I still want to use cannabis for …

Question and Answer

Which is better to help with anxiety, THC or CBD?

“I’m a long time user of THC products, but due to the pandemic, have found myself more anxious than normal. Would it be wise for …

Question and Answer

What are the best cannabis strains for anxiety? Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa?

“I’m looking to start using cannabis for my anxiety, but I’m not sure which strain is best.” Samuel R. Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa are all …


How CBD andTHC Affect Our Response to Fear

Fear can make our bodies do all kinds of things: shiver, sweat, run, freeze, faint, even pee—all without our consent. These reactions begin in our …


Top 10 High-CBD Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Medical marijuana can help reduce anxiety both for those who suffer from anxiety disorders as well as individuals who experience stress in their everyday lives. …

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