How can I use cannabis during sex?

”I want to start using cannabis in the bedroom but I don’t have any prior knowledge on this, any suggestions?”

Bella K.


Many people believe cannabis can be a great option in the bedroom, as using cannabis as an aphrodisiac is an ancient tradition. Cannabis promotes relaxation and increased blood flow. THC is also known to positively affect cell receptors directly involved in tactile sensation and euphoria, allowing more pleasant signals to be received by the brain. Cannabis is and will always be enjoyed differently by individuals as everyone takes to marijuana differently, so it’s hard to say if it will help your sex life.

Some evidence points to cannabis allowing the body to have deeper and longer orgasms. Some men have even indicated that marijuana can and should be used as ‘nature’s Viagra. For thousands of years, cannabis has been appointed as an aphrodisiac, so it comes as no shock that there seems to be some resurgence around this now that cannabis is somewhat in the limelight.
Psychiatrist Dr. Lester Grinspoon says that weed “greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people. There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges”. While this all looks pretty positive, keep in mind that it’s all subjective to what you consume. For example, smoking a strain that will keep you couch-locked may not be the sexiest option.

Microdosing has gained immense popularity among cannabis consumers. To microdose, you take a small amount of marijuana multiple times in a certain period to create a specific effect. Many cannabis users use this technique not to feel any psychoactive effects while reaping marijuana’s benefits. Or, for some, it helps them think slightly altered rather than experiencing an all-out high.

Incorporating microdosing into your bedroom routine may deliver aphrodisiac effects of marijuana without making you too sedated, anxious, or out of control. Depending on your ingestion method, you could smoke or vape a small dose of cannabis right before hitting the bedroom.

A few commonly used strains for sexual enhancement are Voodoo, Grandaddy Purple, and Flo. These are by no means the only strains, but they seem to be commonplace in strain lists that get you in ‘the mood.’ Another great option for women in the bedroom is sexual lubricant enhancers.

Two great options for these are ‘Quiver’ by HerbaBuena and ‘Foria Pleasure’ by Foria. These are typically applied to the vaginal area about thirty minutes before sexual activity. These lubricants create a sensation that leads some users to say ‘Wow’! As a side note, topical applications do not create any sort of “head high,” which some people prefer in the bedroom.

Claire V.

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