Wondering how cannabis can factor into your sex life? You’re in the right place. From sexual health concerns to products to try in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered.


Cannabis & Sex: A Brief World History

Cannabis’s properties as an aphrodisiac are no secret—its ability to induce relaxation and euphoria, increase blood flow and improve tactile sensations likely play a role. …


Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Increase Your Sex Drive

For centuries and around the world, cannabis has been considered an aphrodisiac that can increase your sex drive. And a healthy sex life can do wonders for your health.


5 Ways Marijuana Affects Men & Women Differently

As more and more states legalize marijuana, we’re able to collect additional anecdotal evidence about how the plant affects consumers. We’re also getting more data …


Cannabis Users Have More Sex

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re more in the mood since you started consuming cannabis. Maybe your partner says sex is more enjoyable after they’ve taken …


What strain is best for sexual desire

"I no longer feel the desire for sex. I don’t know if its the pain medications or menopause from my hysterectomy " I don’t think …


Three Popular Questions About Marijuana and Sex Answered

We all know that cannabis can help with a lot of issues from insomnia to nausea, but some people may not be familiar with the …


Does cannabis negatively effect a man's sexual health?

Studies show that cannabis can negatively affect a man sexual health. A study done by the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation and the Missouri Clinical and …


Medical Marijuana for Herpes

What is Herpes? Herpes comes in two forms, Type 1, which is oral herpes, and Type 2, which is genital herpes. Herpes in both forms …


The Perfect Cannabis- Inspired Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to be wrapping up  your final gifts for that special someone. Red boxes of chocolate and …


ARe there any products that enchance sex with only CBD rather than THC

CBD is both an analgesic as well as an anti inflammatory and it does help relax the body. That said, there are not topicals or …


Cannabis for Increased Passion & Play, Part 2

This is the continuation of ‘Cannabis for Increased Passion & Play’ Part 1. Cannabis & Foreplay First things first, let’s do away with the term …


Cannabis for Increased Passion & Play! Part 1

Increase Your Passion ‘Tis the season for romance, and if you’re looking for a way to make your night even more sexy, there are many …

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