Wondering how cannabis can factor into your sex life? You’re in the right place. From sexual health concerns to products to try in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered.


I am 64 years old. I have not been able to have sex, due to neuropathy problems for 8 years.

"Now, after 4 months, things are starting to stir, but not usable, yet. Is there hope for me to be sexual again?" This is a …


My Foria Experience

"I was aware of Foria before your article. My husband had bought it at the dispensary he goes too. This product works amazingly quicker than …


How does cannabis enhance sex?

While I’m tempted to suggest the strain Alaskan Thunder F@#$, there is no evidence that any one strain enhances the physiological aspects of libido. Anecdotal …


Foria on the HelloMD Set

This morning we were excited to have Foria’s Founder Mathew Gerson and the Foria team on the HelloMD set for filming. Today marks the launch …


Foria Explore: for Anal Sex

Foria is a marijuana company that is constantly pushing the boundaries and its new product is entering a completely new territory. Foria Explore is a …


Does Foria do anything for the male sexual partner?

"Does the THC component affect males as well as females?" This is a great question! I am a big fan of Foria products and have …

Question and Answer

How does this stuff increase sexual sensation for women?

"Can you explain the mechanism? I would like to buy it for my wife." Good question. Truth is as far as I know, no one …


I've read that you can use a marijuana oil for women's sexual pleasure. Does this really work?

The good news is that THC is not harmful for the mucosal lining in the vagina, and women can and have used marijuana oil for …


Is there any truth to marijuana negatively affecting sexual function in men?

"My husband recently started using marijuana to help with the pain from an old football injury. He’s 32 years old and I’m concerned that this …

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Is there any type of cannabis product for application to the penis for sexual enhancement?

Foria Pleasure and HerbaBuena’s Quiver are two topical products available in California that are a topical sensual lubricant for women. To my knowledge, there is …


Cannabis Improves Your Sex Life – The Top 5 Reasons You Should Give Cannabis A Try

Some years ago I was decidedly anti-cannabis. It was for stoners, it sucked you into the couch like fly paper for humans, and it was …


Cannabis Use Has Different Sexual Health Effects for Men and Women

The use of medical marijuana has proven to be effective for treating a wide range of both physical ailments and psychiatric conditions. Studies pointing to …

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