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5 Lounges Where You Can Enjoy Cannabis in Public

The cannabis movement continues to spread across the globe, offering new access to this life-changing plant. But while these new laws allow for private consumption, …


5 Rom Coms That Pair Well With Cannabis

Some people dread Valentine’s Day. Others get excited for discounted candy on Feb. 15 (speaking from experience). But for those who are spending the holiday …


4 Ways to Pair CBD With Your Winter Activities

With blowing snow and frigid temperatures, you may be inclined to hibernate at home all winter until the first signs of spring appear. While that …


Resolving to Have a Happy New Year With Cannabis

As you’re singing “Auld Lang Syne” with your family and friends, will you be thinking about making a New Year’s resolution? Though we all know …


7 Top Holiday Movies to Enjoy With Cannabis

It’s hard to say what the essential elements of a holiday movie are. Obviously, being set during the holidays—or at least making reference to them—is …


New Trend: Alcohol-Free, Cannabis-Infused Wine & Beer

There’s nothing quite like having a drink with those you love. Whether it’s a fun night out at the bar, a fancy dinner party, a …


How Cannabis Can Replace Your Glass of Wine

For thousands of years, wine has helped people celebrate good times, ease the pain of bad times, and simply relax after a rough day. Wine …


3 Helpful Resources to Support Cannabis Caregivers

Patients with a wide range of debilitating diseases rely on medical marijuana. But their age and/or condition may make it hard to buy or administer …


Taking Cannabis Daily for Good Health

Wondering about daily cannabis use as part of a regular health routine? I have to admit that as much as I’ve learned about the therapeutic …


4 Cannabis-Friendly B&Bs to Elevate Your Vacation

Feeling like it’s time for a vacation? I know when I’m traveling, one of my biggest concerns is finding a place to stay that allows …


5 Podcasts That Pair Well With Cannabis

For many of us, TV shows and movies are our go-tos for a night in with marijuana. But sometimes, it feels just like you’ve seen …


Cannabis & Yoga: A Match Made in Heaven

At HelloMD, we often discuss the transformative power of cannabis and the healing aspects of combining cannabis with exercise. For professional or serious amateur athletes, …

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